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Filename: 1524940742480.jpg-(159554 B, 2300x2300, lf.jpg)
159554 B無題 Name: としあき 2018/04/28(Sat)13:39:02 No.66  [Reply]
Are these still *kusoges* if they were probably made by school kids back then?
Anyway behold some forgotten cult classics
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2018/12/09(Sun)03:21:51 No.67  

Filename: 1491844816669.png-(8665 B, 86x122, bonzibuddy.png)
8665 B無題 Name: としあき 2017/04/10(Mon)12:20:16 No.63  [Reply]
Hello, this is not spam, but rather an invitation and the beginning of the community! We are now small, but I would be very grateful if you could look into some of our topics!
Thanks, please, mod do not delete this.
Here is a link to our website:
無題  Name: としあき 2018/02/27(Tue)21:21:16 No.64  
Rest in peace
無題  Name: としあき 2018/04/05(Thu)12:25:54 No.65  
RIP Krautchan

Filename: 1342331466229.jpg-(136668 B, 800x600, 1339212658772.jpg)
136668 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/15(Sun)00:51:06 No.36  [Reply]
What video games did you play at first?

I remember Bart vs. the Space Mutants, James Pond II: Robocod, things like that, on a Commodore 128
無題  Name: ◆AkaneBIgh6 2012/07/15(Sun)15:13:56 No.37  
My very first was The Incredible Machine, I played it on a friend's computer.

When I got a PC of my own, I played Duke Nukem 3d, Warcraft II: ToD, Railroad tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Starcraft. Those were the times.

Sad thing, that I never owned a console or a Commodore back then. My family wasn't really into technolo/g/y.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/15(Sun)15:22:52 No.38  
Filename: 1342383772971.png-(28042 B, 126x109, super famicom.png)
28042 B
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/15(Sun)19:33:36 No.39  
Don't remember what I played first. Parented own an Atari 2600. They had 6 or so games, but I can only remember 4. Combat, Pitfall, a casino game with blackjack and poker, and a hide and seek game (never learned how to hide under the rug...).
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/20(Fri)17:05:13 No.40  
Quest for glory, monkey island, zeliard, quarantine, ultima 7, ultima underworld, wolfenstein 3D, doom, transport tycoon, north vs south, pizza tycoon, king's quest, dune, robocod, cannon fodder, leisure suit larry, idiana jones.

I'm probably forgetting a lot, but those are the one I can name on the top of my head.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/08/15(Wed)22:33:51 No.41  
Filename: 1345088031652.gif-(12881 B, 384x282, wwwwwww.gif)
12881 B
This and c.r.e.a.t.u.r.e.s. when I was a toddler, then Warcraft, and after that a faint memory of shareware Doom, and then Tyrian.

無題  Name: としあき 2012/08/18(Sat)18:30:10 No.42  
Filename: 1345332610836.jpg-(292330 B, 1000x1542, 1343002434594.jpg)
292330 B
It was something for the Gameboy or the PS1 but the most memoriable game is Zelda, me & my Dad would play it all of the time. :3
無題  Name: としあき 2012/08/24(Fri)04:47:22 No.43  
A handful of Gameboy games, most of which I still have the cartridges for, and a lot of PC games ranging from DOS to 98. I never have had regular access to a non-handheld console up to this day and have never bought a new video game console. Probably why I'm not that into games even now with easy access to them on the internet.
無題  Name: としあき 2016/06/21(Tue)18:28:31 No.61  
Filename: 1466551711908.jpg-(30038 B, 480x360, 2.jpg)
30038 B
My mom got me a used Windows 3.1 machine and it had Doom and Wolfenstein (they scariied mee real bad ;___;) and a ugly wheel of fortune dos game and also some generic space shooter game I can't remember well

I also had an NES, the games I remember the best are Super Mario Bros. 2, Zelda 2 (I still think Mario/Zelda 2 were the best in the series tbh) and Sword Master (this game scared me to ;_________;)

I remember playing Uniracers on the SNES and Kirby Dream Land 2 on the gameboy really well as well and thougth they were fun

Filename: 1390207909682.png-(9274 B, 256x224, sparky4wwwwwwwwww1390192728839.png)
9274 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2014/01/20(Mon)02:51:49 No.57  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2015/09/30(Wed)00:07:16 No.58  
Filename: 1443589636357.png-(49269 B, 640x480, Screenshot_Doom_20150930_000613.png)
49269 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2015/10/05(Mon)00:54:21 No.59  
Filename: 1444024461695.png-(39594 B, 640x480, Screenshot_Doom_20151004_204102.png)
39594 B
無題  Name: としあき 2016/06/11(Sat)19:43:21 No.60  

Filename: 1373231305594.jpg-(153479 B, 1280x720, xbox_one_3[1].jpg)
153479 B無題 Name: としあき 2013/07/07(Sun)16:08:25 No.52  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/07/10(Wed)10:02:53 No.54  
Filename: 1373468573821.png-(33846 B, 600x600, kusotare.png)
33846 B
無題  Name: としあき 2013/07/10(Wed)10:08:28 No.55  
Filename: 1373468908351.gif-(1858868 B, 500x313, 1373002122240.gif)
1858868 B
無題  Name: としあき 2013/12/31(Tue)03:30:41 No.56  
The xbox juan watches you fap.

Filename: 1349410823271.jpg-(43994 B, 600x400, wiiu21[1].jpg)
43994 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/10/04(Thu)23:20:23 No.44  [Reply]
How do you feel about the Wii U?
無題  Name: としあき 2012/10/18(Thu)03:16:53 No.45  
It's weird. I think I'm getting older because when I hear about stuff like the new crop of gaming consoles I really don't care. There are so many older games I haven't played and VNs I haven't read. Even if nobody made any new entertainment I'd never finish all the older titles I want to, so it really doesn't matter if more stuff comes out. Also, these new consoles all feel too complicated and gimmicky.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/10/26(Fri)03:41:09 No.46  
Filename: 1351240869793.png-(302772 B, 800x558, 800px-NES-Console-Set.png)
302772 B
The only reason people continue to buy Nintendo is due to brand loyalty.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/11/09(Fri)09:07:07 No.47  
Filename: 1352473627867.gif-(8142 B, 73x84, 1254799522841.gif)
8142 B

I feel the same way

I mainly play PC now

and GNU/Linux
無題  Name: としあき 2013/02/12(Tue)22:07:22 No.48  
I feel like this is only partially true. I, for one, really enjoy a lot of the games Nintendo has come out with recently, though most of them are on the DS and then 3DS. Things like backward compatibility (better than the competition's, usually) helps as well, because you can still play a lot of the older games on the newer systems.

I think that the race to have a new system out is slowly killing gaming. I say that because a lot of the games that are being released are either the billionth installment of a solid franchise (lookin at you, Final Fantasy and Madden) or yet another whatever's-the-most-popular-genre title. Very little has been done in the way of revolutionizing gaming and I feel like even though the attempts have been somewhat weak and clearly misguided, Nintendo has tried the most to be the most revolutionary system out there recently. They implement some things before they're really ready (3DS), but sometimes it feels like they're the only ones trying.

A wall of text hits you for 9000 damage.
無題  Name: としあき 2013/07/07(Sun)23:48:57 No.53  
I will probably get one when the price drops a little bit. I have a Wii but no TV right now, and I know they will come out with some of the games I want to play on the U, but I'll wait until those are actually out to get rid of my Wii. Does the U actually support GameCube games like the Wii does, or are they dropping GC support? I still have a couple of GC games (not many) that I haven't played...
無題  Name: としあき 2016/06/21(Tue)18:30:44 No.62  
Filename: 1466551844283.jpg-(37826 B, 256x341, Billy Herrington.jpg)
37826 B
same here bro

Filename: 1361009093839.jpg-(194887 B, 1474x1036, original[1].jpg)
194887 B無題 Name: としあき 2013/02/16(Sat)04:04:53 No.49  [Reply]
Hows about that PSQuad?
無題  Name: としあき 2013/02/21(Thu)11:29:07 No.50  
No comment. That presentation was a façade.
無題  Name: としあき 2013/03/15(Fri)11:20:24 No.51  
Than controller looks crappy. They don't know what to change anymore since the Dualshock2 was pretty much perfect.

Also, please respond!

Filename: 1342114603443.jpg-(61088 B, 412x600, 1334799290516.jpg)
61088 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/07/12(Thu)12:36:43 No.22  [Reply]
This board is now named /ょg/.
Also, Co-op game スレ. Anything where teamplay is important welcome, competitive or not.

I don't have any friend to play BLC or killing floor with.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)18:36:04 No.24  
Anyone play any of the counter-strike games?
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/12(Thu)20:18:28 No.27  
I stopped playing that 10 years ago.

Isn't the game dead yet ?
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/13(Fri)00:37:00 No.29  
It's never dead!
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/13(Fri)04:29:09 No.31  
CS and CS:S are like in the top 5 of most played steam games every day. I still play it occasionally, large office servers and gun game are all I really play. I'd like to play BF3 with my online friends, but either their PC sucks or they live to far away or they own it on PS3, so I haven't bought it yet.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/14(Sat)08:04:46 No.34  
Anyone like TF2?
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/14(Sat)12:48:52 No.35  
I don't.
TFC was golden, though.

Filename: 1342179922952.png-(1475419 B, 850x825, 1338359346998.png)
1475419 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/13(Fri)06:45:22 No.33  [Reply]
I crave localized Metal Max.

Filename: 1342132950867.jpg-(641103 B, 1920x680, troll.jpg)
641103 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)17:42:30 No.23  [Reply]
Can we talk about tabletop games like MTG and D&D here too? Or is it just vidya?
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/12(Thu)20:07:32 No.26  
Anything MGT past 7th edition is pure trash.
Sorry but I had to let it out.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)21:16:14 No.28  
Well, geemu just means video games, right? Even so, I bet the admin will be okay with this, they're laid back.
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/13(Fri)03:29:52 No.30  

Actually it just means games.



無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/13(Fri)04:30:34 No.32  
About a month ago we were dicussing about possibly playing some tabletop games with /jp/, and nothing really got arranged sadly.

Filename: 1342105435934.png-(182877 B, 480x577, tokitori_front.png)
182877 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)10:03:55 No.18  [Reply]
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)18:47:15 No.25  
Filename: 1342136835850.jpg-(54522 B, 640x480, halflife1.jpg)
54522 B

無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)11:14:52 No.21  [Reply]

Filename: 1342103434062.jpg-(1074273 B, 4100x2280, 1341847147508.jpg)
1074273 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)09:30:34 No.15  [Reply]
Hardware eroero
無題  Name: くそポスティング プロー 2012/07/12(Thu)09:34:04 No.16  
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)09:34:10 No.17  
Filename: 1342103650313.jpg-(326422 B, 1024x768, Sega_Mark_III.jpg)
326422 B
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)10:06:16 No.19  
Filename: 1342105576462.jpg-(444513 B, 1024x768, onii-chan get out you pervert!.jpg)
444513 B
I'll show you lewd
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/12(Thu)10:34:53 No.20  
Filename: 1342107293008.jpg-(112697 B, 550x940, lewd1339868363229.jpg)
112697 B

Filename: 1342086751030.png-(38881 B, 387x258, yes YES.png)
38881 B無題 Name: くそポスティング プロー 2012/07/12(Thu)04:52:31 No.12  [Reply]
無題  Name: くそポスティング プロー 2012/07/12(Thu)06:14:28 No.13  
Filename: 1342091668060.png-(25398 B, 387x258, YES YES YES.png)
25398 B
無題  Name: くそポスティング プロー 2012/07/12(Thu)08:49:08 No.14  
Filename: 1342100948875.png-(21110 B, 392x259, aAAAAAAA embarassing.png)
21110 B
We became a couple!
And she doesn't mind my accent, but this is so embarassing.. wwww

Filename: 1342085576164.png-(912406 B, 1024x768, 2012-03-05-073614_1024x768_scrot.png)
912406 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/12(Thu)04:32:56 No.4  [Reply]
wwww Cube 2 Sauerbraten
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)04:38:10 No.6  
sparky, do you live in the 90s ? w
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/12(Thu)04:39:52 No.7  
Filename: 1342085992461.jpg-(1628748 B, 2352x3450, QUAKE.jpg)
1628748 B
always and
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)04:44:04 No.8  
Filename: 1342086244499.jpg-(24334 B, 600x447, 464719-snap89_super.jpg)
24334 B
タイムトラベルの秘密に伝える www
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/12(Thu)04:47:51 No.10  
Filename: 1342086471437.jpg-(147358 B, 500x1000, 4me.jpg)
147358 B


Filename: 1342085300604.gif-(814530 B, 220x220, preview.gif)
814530 B無題 Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)04:28:20 No.3  [Reply]
Here come the videogames
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)04:38:05 No.5  
Filename: 1342085885857.jpg-(58477 B, 640x448, musclemarch.jpg)
58477 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/07/12(Thu)04:45:25 No.9  
Filename: 1342086325153.jpg-(349552 B, 850x519, crazy1!sample-78c54ea43b1b380b72875af62f(....).jpg)
349552 B
無題  Name: としあき 2012/07/12(Thu)04:51:05 No.11  
Filename: 1342086665158.jpg-(157788 B, 1920x1080, 76937d3d154c93af3892f6063dfa03a7.jpg)
157788 B

look at that BAKA !


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