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Filename: 1230852246150.bmp-(, 0x0)
Why is # * No pornography of any kind please * [English] is a rule? Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆WinME/IZso◆◆InCez3kO4A1mgMD 09/01/01(木)17:24 ID:mj3KCuAM No.270  [Reply]
ill explain

it is a great way to filter out bad users
[the ones who are JERKS]
  Name: 名無し 09/01/02(金)15:35 ID:ptGEmqJ2 No.271  
Frikkin' JERKS!!!

Name: 米人 08/12/29(月)10:55 ID:8k32LFb2 No.252  [Reply]
Thank you for not posting my ISP.
It looks like the Dutch proxy is now blocked, so I'll be taking a little vacation from 2ch.
Probably for the best anyways.
  Name: アメリカ人 08/12/29(月)11:59 ID:qpdEhKfk No.253  
Man, and I was answering a bunch of English questions too when I discovered it crapped out.

I'm still going to look for more proxies but I haven't had much luck so far. Keep checking back here though. If anyone who can post on 2ch is reading this, please direct blocked foreigners here.
  Name: ƒAƒƒŠƒJl◆ 08/12/29(月)12:16 ID:qpdEhKfk No.254  
I'm looking through these:
No luck yet.
  Name: アメリカ人 08/12/29(月)12:16 ID:??? No.255  
that was me
  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆80vmDB+dwMi2deS 08/12/29(月)12:40 ID:8KUIgiQw No.256  
yeah this sucks

but i have nobody to help me there
  Name: アメリカ人 08/12/29(月)14:00 ID:qpdEhKfk No.257  
Filename: 1230580824950.jpg-(, 0x0)
ok I've been trying to use this list for more proxies:

In Firefox go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings
Look at my picture for further details. For all of the ones I've tried so far, I get stuck at the redirect page after posting (i.e. doesn't actually redirect and post isn't posted.)
  Name: アメリカ人 08/12/29(月)16:13 ID:qpdEhKfk No.258  
We're in again: target=_blank>
I'm using the Thailand proxy, all boxes unchecked.
  Name: Piyoko+the+Tripfag 08/12/30(火)17:08 ID:U/bNoZBQ No.263  
That one's working for me too...

Filename: 1230481575180.jpg-(, 0x0)
help Name: アメリカ人 08/12/28(日)10:26 ID:MVxQbPAM No.234  [Reply]
hey sparky, I think my ISP is blocked on 2ch.
This is the message I'm getting: ERROR:アクセス規制中です!!(
If you could just make a post telling them that I'd really appreciate it.
3 posts and 1 image omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 08/12/28(日)12:22 ID:56GjHKHk No.238  
Filename: 1230488538310.bmp-(, 0x0)
Thumbnail unavailable
mine is blocked too -__-
HEY WE GOT THE SAME ISP!  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 08/12/28(日)12:41 ID:56GjHKHk No.239  
Filename: 1230489715360.gif-(, 0x0)
Well this sucks.......
does suck  Name: 774 from 2ch 08/12/28(日)16:53 ID:jKCCYh8I No.247  
Hey Sparky and アメリカ人, I guess you guys got involved in a ban on a spammer that used a
ton of comcast proxies.
Seems like it took place at a thread about the anime called "Strike Witches", which I heard
oddly depicts the combination of a war between humans and aliens set in a historical time,
and girls irrelevantly yet constantly exposing their panties... Hm.. now I'm just hoping you
guys have nothing to do with this thing.

Anyway, I doubt you'll have much luck spotting working proxies for 2ch (they're fanatically
committed to blocking proxies), but I'll keep you guys updated on the status. If you have
any message or question, just post it here.

Wish you guys a happy new year.
mmm  Name: 774 from 2ch 08/12/28(日)16:59 ID:jKCCYh8I No.248  
Oh well, I just saw your posts on 2ch... That was quick. So forget about my post above..
  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 08/12/28(日)17:00 ID:56GjHKHk No.249  
Filename: 1230505234070.png-(, 0x0)
i have nothing to do with that
  Name: 774 from 2ch 08/12/28(日)21:08 ID:??? No.251  
Yeah I know, I was just kidding.

Actually, the spammer seems to have wrecked a couple threads and trolled even other boards
on 2ch with various kinds of overseas proxies. Just that Comcast happened to be the major one
that the spammer used lots of proxies from.
  Name: Piyoko the Tripfag 08/12/30(火)10:15 ID:U/bNoZBQ No.259  
That sucks, they blocked the whole ISP because of one jerk?

  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆80vmDB+dwMi2deS 08/12/30(火)12:36 ID:.R0J0M9k No.260  

Filename: 1230513764820.png-(, 0x0)
Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 08/12/28(日)19:22 ID:56GjHKHk No.250  [Reply]
is this good?

Filename: 1230146610790.png-(, 0x0)
Name: 名無し 08/12/24(水)13:23 ID:??? No.229  [Reply]
sparky, how do you manage to get everywhere?
;_; i miss you on /g/
  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/24(水)20:47 ID:Ohi9mjso No.230  
you don't see a 4 then then it i not me
and im not that

that is just the name of 2 dogs
  Name: 名無し 08/12/24(水)20:55 ID:PR2Qfjn. No.231  
Quit trying to hide it, you know you're two dogs, too!
  Name: 名無し 08/12/25(木)13:15 ID:??? No.232  
i know it wasnt you sparky but it reminded me of you
  Name: 【電気火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/26(金)00:18 ID:sNqqOkJg No.233  
ok ^^

Name: 名無し 08/12/19(Fri)02:53 ID:U.LZOeLk No.218  [Reply]
Do you have a gopher server?
I had one a while ago on my home PC. But I had no users...
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/19(Fri)07:04 ID:/38ff/D2 No.219  
what is a gopher server?
  Name: 名無し 08/12/23(火)03:47 ID:BPjsni0. No.227  
Not OP, but a gopher server uses the gopher protocol, instead of http:// it's gopher://. It's been around for a while, but isn't popular, and it has a lot of cool features.

Look it up on Wikipedia, it's informative.

On a side note, you seem to like jappo board scripts as much as I and my friends do, and if you can tolerate wapanese self-parody, feel free to visit us at We use our own board script based on one from the makers of GazouBBS, it's a 2ch-style text board with some added features. If you like it, we might share the script with you...
  Name: 名無し 08/12/23(火)03:57 ID:BPjsni0. No.228  
Also sorry for double-posting, but if you wish to incorporate features from other scripts into your futaba version, I have a large collection of scripts, some of which are no longer publicly available.

Drop by the BBS and say hey, and I can hook you up. We've also got a nice proxy setup, but if you're hosting your own stuff on your own machine you probably already know how to do all of that if you wanted to...

Goodmorening!! Name: Sayaka 08/12/21(日)05:02 ID:Fu2/sMpA No.225  [Reply]
received my e-mail,sparky?
Please reply to me if you do not yetsleep^^*
  Name: AZWpeumso.◆◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/21(日)10:28 ID:S35/Mrj. No.226  
Filename: 1229876884430.png-(, 0x0)
ooops fell asleep ^^

My e-mail address! Name: Sayaka 08/12/21(日)01:39 ID:??? No.223  [Reply]
I love you^^*
  Name: AZWpeumso.◆◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/21(日)02:08 ID:S35/Mrj. No.224  
we are more than friends ^^*

Hi!sparky Name: Sayaka 08/12/21(日)01:24 ID:Fu2/sMpA No.221  [Reply]
thank you for great time!
  Name: AZWpeumso.◆◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/21(日)01:25 ID:S35/Mrj. No.222  
no problems we are friends right?

Name: zerd◆zer//jFCSg 08/12/06(Sat)20:15 ID:mB1FgZmk No.208  [Reply]
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)22:56 ID:4ub.RfJo No.210  
  Name: zerd◆zer//jFCSg 08/12/06(Sat)23:55 ID:mB1FgZmk No.211  
Filename: 1228629302680.jpg-(, 0x0)
Get MSN. Then we can chat and stuff outside of gikobar. Please. :3
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/07(Sun)01:31 ID:rmjQbanM No.212  
is it compatible with Windows Me?
  Name: 名無し No.217  
nothing is compatible with windows me

Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)14:15 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.206  [Reply]
i know i said i wouldn't be on but i am but not for long
  Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)14:40 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.207  
are you there

Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)01:47 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.203  [Reply]
i have to go i won't be on tommarow so talk to you whenever
  Name: &◆wP5Qmfwst2 08/12/06(Sat)01:55 ID:4ub.RfJo No.205  

Name: CoreyHank16ch 08/12/06(Sat)01:28 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.195  [Reply]
ok what!
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)01:29 ID:4ub.RfJo No.196  
Filename: 1228548593070.png-(, 0x0)
you need a better internet name

were <pass> is you put any charater in there
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)01:33 ID:4ub.RfJo No.197  
are you there?
  Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)01:41 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.200  
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)01:48 ID:4ub.RfJo No.204  
that picture is creep eh?

Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)01:36 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.198  [Reply]
ok is this good enough
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)01:41 ID:4ub.RfJo No.199  
yes better
  Name: corey8^(^ 08/12/06(Sat)01:44 ID:4GpRy8Vw No.201  
now what
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆ 08/12/06(Sat)01:45 ID:4ub.RfJo No.202  
◆AZWpeumso. = exapmple tripcode

Filename: 1227835087563.bmp-(, 0x0)
Name: zerdzer 08/11/27(Thu)19:18 ID:iL/a.tNc No.191  [Reply]
Hey sparky.
  Name: Tenement Shunster 08/11/27(Thu)19:40 ID:RVbemJ4. No.192  
Filename: 1227836418627.png-(, 0x0)
Hello, sparky.
  Name: 【火花(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆ 08/11/28(Fri)11:15 ID:Dbh6ai7A No.193  
Filename: 1227892553350.bmp-(, 0x0)
Thumbnail unavailable

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