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Filename: 1363463251714.jpg-(1575433 B, 3537x3335, 1339361507626.jpg)
1575433 BStory of Chikyuu Name: ‮61 ‪‪‪16 2013/03/16(Sat)14:47:31 No.761  [Reply]
Project thread, GO!

Sparky, can you post information and updates here?
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
無題  Name: ‮61 ‪‪‪16 2013/03/19(Tue)12:58:40 No.765  
Will do, although I don't think I'll be taking a closer look at the project until about a month from now.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/03/19(Tue)18:58:53 No.766  

I minimized some of the testing code via commenting it out so i can prepare to experiment with objects and collision detection

The issue is i do not know where to start....
無題  Name: NecroBumpist 2013/06/08(Sat)13:07:50 No.776  
Sparky, why don't you make progress?
Don't stop!
Keep going!

I'll always remember you!
無題  Name: としあき 2013/06/18(Tue)00:57:36 No.779  


i am away from my DOS PC
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/07/10(Wed)22:53:38 No.780

Here is the DOS enviorment with the source code of
march 26
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/07/18(Thu)22:13:24 No.781  
Filename: 1374203604632.jpg-(523958 B, 500x679, mary^^27334206.jpg)
523958 B

i found some resources....

I will experiment with these. To learn more about the DOS enviorment
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/07/22(Mon)10:03:38 No.783  
Filename: 1374505418256.jpg-(383565 B, 594x840, Mary.(Ib).full.1151582.jpg)
383565 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2014/06/06(Fri)09:30:12 No.807  
wwww i pushed the code not long ago w

Filename: 1385840615022.png-(35506 B, 557x177, koishi saving sparky4^^.png)
35506 B無題 Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/11/30(Sat)13:43:35 No.794  [Reply]
無題  Name: としあき 2013/12/15(Sun)18:20:29 No.795  
無題  Name: としあき 2014/02/12(Wed)09:42:07 No.801  
Filename: 1392219727790.jpg-(21736 B, 387x240, wwww mary wwww.jpg)
21736 B
無題  Name: wwww 2014/04/21(Mon)23:39:26 No.806  
Filename: 1398141566015.jpg-(864311 B, 1000x1000, Komeiji.Koishi.full.1505073.jpg)
864311 B

Filename: 1380950534256.png-(281689 B, 489x600, 1379387672927.png)
281689 B無題 Name: としあき 2013/10/05(Sat)00:22:14 No.793  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2014/04/19(Sat)01:09:42 No.805  
Filename: 1397887782132.jpg-(264168 B, 510x546, meeeeeeeee~1137885136783.jpg)
264168 B
無題  Name: としあき 2015/02/02(Mon)17:05:15 No.811  
Filename: 1422918315994.jpg-(125779 B, 800x596, 1228412471387.jpg)
125779 B
Cute website

Filename: 1392261547450.jpg-(32142 B, 640x480, 1392261038159.jpg)
32142 B無題 Name: としあき 2014/02/12(Wed)21:19:07 No.802  [Reply]
Hello sparky! You are such a cute girl. I wish I was as cute as you.
無題  Name: としあき 2014/02/13(Thu)00:30:36 No.803  
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2014/02/13(Thu)15:54:23 No.804  
Filename: 1392328463003.jpg-(184307 B, 588x1056, crazy!!!!!.jpg)
184307 B

Filename: 1226117380980.png-(, 0x0)
Name: 轣ォ闃ア(4 ^繝ョ^) 繝溽伐!QBUyKE2A8c 08/11/08(Sat)13:09 No.28  [Reply]
this script is ERROR
  Name: SK!upUGcHlgU2 08/11/08(Sat)13:11 No.30  
is dat sum nekomimi?
無題  Name: 火花(4 ^ヮ^) ミ田◆AZWpeumso. 08/11/08(土)13:14 No.32  
who is that?
無題  Name: SK◆upUGcHlgU2 08/11/08(土)13:17 No.33  
nekomimi = catgirl
無題  Name: 火花(4 ^ヮ^) ミ田◆AZWpeumso. 08/11/08(土)13:18 No.34  
nekomimi (猫耳) — literally, "cat ears"

ohh ok!!!!!!!!!
無題  Name: serkit 2013/06/09(Sun)20:13:33 No.777  
test post
無題  Name: Serkit/SK◆upUGcHlgU2 2013/06/09(Sun)20:55:17 No.778  
testing my old tripcode
無題  Name: serkit 2013/08/13(Tue)04:49:14 No.792  
Fun Fact: Posting with !upUGcHlgU2 is banned on 4chan and I have no idea why.

Filename: 1375408716400.jpg-(1315600 B, 1346x1100, 1361742941907.jpg)
1315600 B無題 Name: としあき 2013/08/01(Thu)20:58:36 No.784  [Reply]
Cute site.
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/08/01(Thu)21:22:13 No.785  
無題  Name: としあき 2013/08/01(Thu)21:24:56 No.786  
Filename: 1375410296752.jpg-(50867 B, 216x219, 1353956272466.jpg)
50867 B
If only I was able to read moon without google translate...
Well, to think about it, that's a pretty simple stuff, I was just too lazy. Oh well.
Anyway, I'll get back to here!
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/08/01(Thu)21:30:38 No.787  
Filename: 1375410638631.jpg-(175629 B, 700x700, satorin1361757220564.jpg)
175629 B
無題  Name: としあき 2013/08/02(Fri)16:30:38 No.788  
Filename: 1375479038658.jpg-(321736 B, 800x930, 0ef8ed1e13ed5f0ba5ee65d4c76073e9fdcfed56.jpg)
321736 B
You aren't a bad person, you know that?
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/08/02(Fri)16:40:03 No.789  
Filename: 1375479603495.png-(37000 B, 800x472, koishi^^.png)
37000 B
無題  Name: としあき 2013/08/02(Fri)17:14:14 No.790  
Filename: 1375481654282.png-(731979 B, 800x686, 1362343643552.png)
731979 B
As far as I can see, you made this, right? How long did it take? Was it fun?
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡ 2013/08/06(Tue)18:00:36 No.791  
it has been online for 4 years
and it was fun except all the bullying i recived

i use pixmicat at the base code

Filename: 1370133648071.jpg-(871598 B, 3264x1840, IMG_20130601_183740_877.jpg)
871598 BMy IBM 5610 Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/06/01(Sat)19:40:48 No.772  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/06/01(Sat)19:41:41 No.773  
Filename: 1370133701580.jpg-(905799 B, 3264x1840, IMG_20130601_190420_075.jpg)
905799 B
2 sexy
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/06/01(Sat)19:44:03 No.774  
Filename: 1370133843040.jpg-(536352 B, 3264x1840, IMG_20130601_183759_123.jpg)
536352 B
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/06/04(Tue)23:30:07 No.775  
Filename: 1370406607477.jpg-(681035 B, 3264x1840, IMG_20130604_132241_025.jpg)
681035 B
booting to FreeDOS 1.1

Filename: 1369901171414.png-(603139 B, 529x403, rtgvfd.png)
603139 B無題 Name: としあき 2013/05/30(Thu)03:06:11 No.770  [Reply]
I figured you might know about this, might not. You ever use OS/2 sparky?

I'm trying to find an operating system that will work with a thinkpad 380XD and 64MB of RAM. Kind of want a 90s OS so I can pretend to be Lain or some shit you know. What would you try putting on it?
無題  Name: 【エリカ(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2013/06/01(Sat)19:40:09 No.771  
put FreeDOS 1.1 I contributed to that OS !

i like OS/2 but it is propietary...

Filename: 1337658972070.png-(436406 B, 1366x768, shit.png)
436406 Bshitty new computers Name: sparky4@semen 2012/05/21(Mon)22:56:12 ID:Dq.eojro No.738  [Reply]
無題  Name: sparky4@semen 2012/05/21(Mon)23:03:06 ID:Dq.eojro No.739  
Filename: 1337659386509.png-(432856 B, 1366x768, fuck.png)
432856 B
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/05/24(Thu)06:12:39 ID:d0kSCo4s No.740  
Filename: 1337857959319.jpg-(367880 B, 500x1500, baka.jpg)
367880 B
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/05/24(Thu)19:47:05 ID:d0kSCo4s No.741  
Filename: 1337906825826.jpg-(509852 B, 880x880, nue~.jpg)
509852 B
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/09(Mon)01:52:03 ID:Gwx5fGt. No.752  
Filename: 1341816723942.png-(53014 B, 831x811, waifunator.png)
53014 B

Filename: 1339691521670.png-(24328 B, 1024x768, snowy4's sound output.png)
24328 BProject 16 sound area Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/06/14(Thu)11:32:01 ID:JAeBAAWA No.748  [Reply]

Filename: 1339129648277.jpg-(114799 B, 600x600, 1307509036943.jpg (600×600).jpg)
114799 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/06/07(Thu)23:27:28 ID:Jq6lM53g No.744  [Reply]
I am really high right now Sparky.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/06/13(Wed)09:10:19 ID:UF6nwakQ No.745  
Filename: 1339596619940.png-(12326 B, 600x600, yakui1e489014eaa7f3c63575be993bcd18a0.png)
12326 B

Filename: 1334947961323.jpg-(188885 B, 670x600, 1334683230146.jpg)
188885 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/04/20(Fri)13:52:41 ID:PwzAotGQ No.716  [Reply]
Sparky after receiving hormones
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/04/20(Fri)15:12:24 ID:ZV91rGlM No.717  
Filename: 1334952744708.jpg-(2037858 B, 2328x1688, 1334936725467.jpg)
2037858 B
soo true

yotsubanomians preparing to make whoremones easier for tthe needy
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/05/26(Sat)16:42:42 ID:ruMaTpr6 No.742  
Filename: 1338068562762.jpg-(42199 B, 500x551, 81d121a8163cb8ac8e8dd92.jpg)
42199 B
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/05/26(Sat)16:47:26 ID:eUW7hXno No.743  

Filename: 1333645827698.png-(302057 B, 430x360, 292081.png)
302057 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/04/05(Thu)12:10:27 ID:pYyTBJW. No.712  [Reply]
show me your feet again ok?
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/04/18(Wed)03:44:18 ID:u/ndQupY No.713  
yeah, how about no.

Filename: 1335500726691.jpg-(1316283 B, 2560x1920, 2012-01-16 00.51.27.jpg)
1316283 B無題 Name: stupid name for identification 2012/04/26(Thu)23:25:26 ID:iLAa1v3Y No.719  [Reply]
Who are you sparky?
8 posts and 8 images omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
無題  Name: stupid name for identification 2012/05/04(Fri)09:11:30 ID:qTwVNNA6 No.728  
also, does the noko feature works here like in 4chan?
無題  Name: stupid name for identification 2012/05/04(Fri)09:32:24 ID:qTwVNNA6 No.729  
Filename: 1336141944445.jpg-(20150 B, 467x533, 1329863363103.jpg)
20150 B
Oh shit, i'm high as fuck
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/05/05(Sat)03:48:13 ID:wH6KThHY No.730  
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/05/05(Sat)03:57:35 ID:wH6KThHY No.731  
flandre mainly
crino also
and nue ww

無題  Name: stupid name for identification 2012/05/06(Sun)13:35:39 ID:8NVs1SLc No.734  
Filename: 1336329339814.jpg-(1220071 B, 2560x1920, 2012-05-05 09.39.06.jpg)
1220071 B
Really? you should give them a try, they are really fun

which game do you like the most?
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/05/06(Sun)18:14:25 ID:NDRV/f/c No.735  
good ones wwww
無題  Name: stupid name for identification 2012/05/07(Mon)19:27:08 ID:Q8c4Mt22 No.736  
Filename: 1336436828622.jpg-(1094276 B, 1920x2560, 2012-05-07 17.51.17.jpg)
1094276 B
Hey sparky i brought you something.

It's a slushie with a ball of ice cream on top
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/05/14(Mon)10:07:29 ID:aLzNPDn6 No.737  
Filename: 1337008049487.jpg-(1144183 B, 3264x1840, 2012-05-08_11-56-12_22.jpg)
1144183 B

Filename: 1336211581158.jpg-(1581713 B, 3264x1840, 2012-05-05_04-47-45_550.jpg)
1581713 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/05/05(Sat)04:53:01 ID:wH6KThHY No.732  [Reply]
look at what eye made
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/05/05(Sat)05:16:31 ID:v801ghM2 No.733  
Nice clayman in the upper left corner

Filename: 1334768373972.jpg-(35131 B, 250x298, 1334618178683.jpg)
35131 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/04/18(Wed)11:59:33 ID:7XlXRkAM No.714  [Reply]
post your favorite animal!
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/04/20(Fri)10:06:37 ID:8T8O0apQ No.715  
Filename: 1334934397658.png-(190210 B, 978x908, 05299e71aa4856a837aba26a879d3660-d3evpc1.png)
190210 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/04/20(Fri)15:13:12 ID:ZV91rGlM No.718  
Filename: 1334952792421.png-(108111 B, 1024x768, 2011-12-09-071314_1024x768_scrot.png)
108111 B

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