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Filename: 1332441060301.jpg-(181642 B, 425x600, 1308626611047.jpg (425×600).jpg)
181642 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/03/22(Thu)13:31:00 ID:MCdDZt86 No.710  [Reply]
How does this picture make you feel Sparky?
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/03/30(Fri)13:06:53 ID:5Y2PMss. No.711  
Filename: 1333130813363.gif-(136996 B, 170x383, ^^1322461854574.gif)
136996 B

Filename: 1305434747812.png-(12009 B, 256x224, Chrono Trigger_00008.png)
12009 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/05/14(Sat)23:45:47 ID:4daWeFE2 No.572  [Reply]
flea is crazy
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無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)06:55:21 ID:2avGUK7w No.696  
Filename: 1326718521036.png-(278484 B, 800x600, +09moe.png)
278484 B
moe leader in moe art w
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)06:56:46 ID:2avGUK7w No.697  
Filename: 1326718606982.png-(537928 B, 1024x768, uber blush 2!.png)
537928 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)06:58:16 ID:2avGUK7w No.698  
Filename: 1326718696853.png-(208974 B, 800x600, 02.png)
208974 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)06:58:49 ID:2avGUK7w No.699  
Filename: 1326718729557.png-(532315 B, 1024x768, OMG.png)
532315 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)07:03:01 ID:2avGUK7w No.700  
Filename: 1326718981649.png-(505266 B, 1024x768, OMG SHINEY!.png)
505266 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)07:04:14 ID:2avGUK7w No.701  
Filename: 1326719054457.png-(499714 B, 1024x768, kawaiidee.png)
499714 B
fucking cute
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/16(Mon)07:21:19 ID:2avGUK7w No.702  
Filename: 1326720079503.png-(421175 B, 1024x768, FUKING CRAZY!.png)
421175 B
rape face
無題  Name: Mush◆lYtRBoeK.2 2012/03/15(Thu)22:46:59 ID:WIfmxsSY No.709  
That Kirby game!

I remember it!

Filename: 1330012380391.png-(683198 B, 808x608, 1326063972839.png)
683198 B無題 Name: Negi Springfield ◆aeNZeP7XP2 2012/02/23(Thu)09:53:00 ID:FOtWmL.U No.704  [Reply]
My heart exploded when I saw this for the first time.
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/03/15(Thu)22:31:35 ID:IzdVLfSE No.708  
what a coincidence, my penis did the same thing

無題 Name: 名無し 08/11/08(土)11:51 No.8  [Reply]
7 get!!
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/12/31(Sat)01:55:18 ID:.DvY/s0Q No.675  
Filename: 1325318118491.jpg-(354512 B, 907x1138, %%CRAZY!#@!$@#$@#!$1325231185911.jpg)
354512 B
me in 2012
無題  Name: 名無し 2011/12/31(Sat)02:08:00 ID:3WShWc06 No.676  
Filename: 1325318880801.jpg-(66376 B, 850x850, 1325243985467.jpg)
66376 B
me in 2012 ;_;
無題  Name: 名無し 2011/12/31(Sat)03:21:50 ID:7aC7rtIM No.677  
Filename: 1325323310599.jpg-(115884 B, 850x778, sample-fdb0b642ef0016041f0929b7fc030ff1.jpg)
115884 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/03/13(Tue)16:41:30 ID:cQQVFPgI No.707  
Filename: 1331674890080.jpg-(889426 B, 1500x1050, %%%%CRAZY1331589181669.jpg)
889426 B
me in 2012

Filename: 1331382546748.jpg-(359032 B, 800x1066, flandre_-_unstable_moe.jpg)
359032 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/03/10(Sat)06:29:06 ID:pXpSdcNE No.705  [Reply]
I feel like this recently
無題  Name: 名無し 2012/07/11(Wed)04:37:58 ID:Dxcl0XL6 No.753  
Don't bully sparky.

Filename: 1325864625612.png-(399146 B, 666x707, 1301182403146.png)
399146 B無題 Name: 名無し 2012/01/06(Fri)09:43:45 ID:l5WAtctY No.692  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/02/20(Mon)05:15:59 ID:jetYIg3Q No.703  
nani itteno?

>> Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)16:00 No.8591849 Hide>>8591822Yup nice girly voice! But that picture is too lewd, Sparky. Please delete it... Sparky is a pure cute girl.

Filename: 1323106555750.png-(475539 B, 1024x768, meeee++++^^.png)
475539 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/12/05(Mon)11:35:55 ID:smg1Im1E No.671  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/12/09(Fri)08:55:55 ID:xgqgynYg No.672  
Filename: 1323442555618.png-(434119 B, 1024x768, ++++meeee1995MB.png)
434119 B
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/10(Tue)05:52:12 ID:Hm/Jdvbw No.694  
Filename: 1326196332817.png-(15831 B, 640x480, COMPY4.png)
15831 B
compy4's specs (GNU/Linux HDD)

Filename: 1325647128233.jpg-(148258 B, 1280x1024, 0027.jpg)
148258 Bbbc4 (IRC SERVER) Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/03(Tue)21:18:48 ID:SaWwQfBI No.679  [Reply]
5 posts and 4 images omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
無題  Name: Sudos 2012/01/04(Wed)18:43:21 ID:608oSgfQ No.685  
I waited an entire day and a half... do it already.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/04(Wed)21:57:50 ID:bQrsDAw2 No.686  
Filename: 1325735870036.gif-(16454 B, 800x600, baka.gif)
16454 B
無題  Name: Sudos 2012/01/05(Thu)07:07:23 ID:pWET2C2c No.687  
Filename: 1325768843474.png-(22335 B, 200x200, 1325738962738.png)
22335 B
well, if you have the old drive kicking around, or a 1.6 or whatever, you can easily make bbc4 a CLI-only machine.

when it's done, Tell Grub2 to run at 1024x768 (manipulate "#GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480" in /etc/default/grub, uncomment and make 1024x768), and payload that resolution to Linux (by inserting "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1024x768" underneath, run update-grub, then dpkg-configure console-setup and set the font for Terminus Bold, lowest size, and boom, bitchin' CLI machine already.

Then it's just a matter of getting things set up again. the old WD Caviars are good for that cylindrical hard drive sound I love so much... and you should too.

also musn't forget the basics: sl figlet toilet cowsay pork screen irssi irssi-scripts byobu ntpdate elinks lynx

Install these and bbc4 will be one helluva textmode-only machine. just make sure not to select GRAPHICAL DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT when tasksel runs.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/05(Thu)10:48:26 ID:bSCr4j06 No.688  
even if i get the hdd with the system ready I cannot operate it at my fucking apartment
無題  Name: ROCKETLAUNCHER 2012/01/05(Thu)11:54:57 ID:n1K2JVsk No.689  
無題  Name: Sudos 2012/01/05(Thu)14:36:58 ID:pWET2C2c No.690  
and it's impossible to run it off of one of the other computers at home?
IIRC you left a couple at home.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/05(Thu)21:02:36 ID:bSCr4j06 No.691  
Filename: 1325818956502.png-(747443 B, 962x865, .png.png)
747443 B
EMAIL mother fucker and i need to change the router's fucking config so it would point to my last server at home

good news:

I got a now working system HDD
FUCKING BOLLOCKS  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⚡◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2012/01/07(Sat)08:23:16 ID:n6.6MbY. No.693  
boomboxcompy4^^: ***** FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED *****

266048 inodes used (8.31%)
5689 non-contiguous files (2.1%)
446 non-contiguous directories (0.2%)
# of inodes with ind/dind/tind blocks: 9553/67/0
Extent depth histogram: 44588/47
1899364 blocks used (14.84%)
8 bad blocks
1 large file

203704 regular files
21445 directories
63 character device files
25 block device files
9 fifos
542 links
40748 symbolic links (38772 fast symbolic links)
45 sockets
266581 files

Filename: 1322176666976.png-(250274 B, 1024x768, kittenpile.png)
250274 B無題 Name: イギリス人 2011/11/24(Thu)17:17:46 ID:sdE/NEqk No.670  [Reply]
XGA ver
無題  Name: 名無し 2011/12/10(Sat)21:16:07 ID:nIPfHw.U No.673  

無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/03/02(Wed)02:48:34 ID:2Y03iytg No.542  [Reply]
8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
無題  Name: BAKA SPARKY4 2011/07/19(Tue)11:14:25 ID:fWwNyXQQ No.636  
224 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/07/19(火) 22:56:24.99
There are two type of Baka in Japan.
1.who know themself as Baka.
2.who don't know themself as Baka.
1 are much better than 2 because they are improving themself.
2 are getting worse always.
無題  Name: BAKA SPARKY4 2011/07/19(Tue)11:17:12 ID:fWwNyXQQ No.637  
名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/07/20(水) 01:14:46.85
japanese=full of complex.jealousy.strange.criticize.materialistic.weird.kinky
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/13(Sun)02:49:52 ID:ATKLjVdU No.660  
313 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/11/13(日) 17:15:29.19
You are teasing us. Let us see your panties.
Don't forget to shave before that.
And wear a pink skirt. Act like a girl, Ok?
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/13(Sun)02:50:16 ID:ATKLjVdU No.661  
320 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/11/13(日) 18:41:42.21
What's crazy? You are the one who got us started. You are the one who teased us.
You are the one who wanted to draw attention by implying you'd show us your panties.
You are the one who crossed genders. You are the one who wants to become a girl.
You are the one who hates being a boy.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/13(Sun)12:45:52 ID:ATKLjVdU No.662  
342 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/11/13(日) 21:39:19.04
What are you talking about?
You are so indecisive I find that frustrating. You should decide on living as a girl.
You seem to be wavering. You seem worried about your mom thinking you go overboard if you become a girl.
Don't just listen to her. Just listen to your heart. You have colourful panties, and that's because
you want to wear them and moreover to be precise you want to show them off. You are a girl inside.
Just follow your heart. There's somewhere on the internet your sexual orientation is accepted as it is
even if people in Louisiana roll their eyes at you. Don't follow a rule someone else has made for themselves.
That's not for you. You should do anything you like. Just wear the panties and stand in front of the mirror
and see for yourself what you really want to do. There's a girl living inside you. It's time for her to show herself.
Break the shell of the part someone else wants you to play. You can do it. Act like a girl. And make everyone admit you are a girl.

343 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 []: 2011/11/13(日) 21:45:42.71
I understand.

You want to get rid of your dick in order to come near to being a girl.
Save up as much money as you can, so that you will undergo some kind of surgery.
You can be a girl.

One person I've come up with that I think you can follow: Haruna Ai.
Just search for the name, and you will find out she used to be a boy who suffer a lot
「Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.」
CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/15(Tue)10:52:17 ID:r86F7a2s No.663  
550 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 [sage]: 2011/11/16(水) 03:04:52.99
sparky`s omanman peropero-!!
i respect her all the more for her eros
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/15(Tue)11:15:26 ID:r86F7a2s No.664  
565 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 [sage]: 2011/11/16(水) 03:32:58.78
Hahaha your personality is japanese-like!自虐? Don't know the English word lol
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/11/23(Wed)08:37:18 ID:k.SUcgCc No.667  
90 名前:名無しさん@英語勉強中 [sage]: 2011/11/24(木) 02:41:00.66
    ∧,,∧  ∧,,∧Youtube is fun!
 ∧ (  XD ) (  XD ) ∧∧
(  XD ) U) ( つと ノ(XD   )                           (^ν^) (何が面白いんだ…)
| U (  XD ) (XD  ) と ノ                           / |_|\(外人ばっかりだな…)
 u-u (l    ) (   ノu-u                             l l
     `u-u'. `u-u'lol

Hey…jap is coming…
    ∧,,∧  ∧,,∧liver…
 ∧ (  :D ) (  :D ) ∧∧
(   :D ) U) ( つと ノ( :D  )          (^ν^) ……
| U (  :D ) (:D  ) と ノ         /l_l\
 u-u (l    ) (   ノu-u            l <........
     `u-u'. `u-u' Who are you?

miss spell…
      ∧,,∧          Fack you!!       ∧,,∧ miss spell…
 ∧∧ ( :(   )                          (  ): ) ∧∧
( :(  ) U  )           \(^ν^)/         (  Uノ(  ): ) miss spell…
| U   u-u               l_l            u-u (U  ノ
「Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.」

Filename: 1319603642673.jpg-(218346 B, 769x721, 2ch^^98dc3bf56b1bcbebb1f2b6fd161668fa.jpg)
218346 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/10/25(Tue)23:34:02 ID:fwhkLMdQ No.656  [Reply]
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/10/29(Sat)09:21:14 ID:E88Tl/Xg No.657  
Filename: 1319898074329.png-(242067 B, 800x640, desu714aba44edbb73c3e4c628e71fe5204afdd2(....).png)
242067 B

Filename: 1319001637511.png-(221580 B, 1024x768, Japan care about the future.png)
221580 B無題 Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/10/19(Wed)00:20:37 ID:vZWFfW4g No.655  [Reply]

無題 Name: 名無し 2011/09/25(Sun)21:34:20 ID:XAsmetUc No.654  [Reply]
sparky4 is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Filename: 1315689223441.png-(5438 B, 274x242, 1315616654683.png)
5438 B無題 Name: 名無し 2011/09/10(Sat)16:13:43 ID:Z774zXSI No.652  [Reply]
I like slow paced imageboards that you can be sure will have a steady stream of posts.

In short, I love you guys.
無題  Name: David | Colorado◆xwEs9bZgRk 2011/09/13(Tue)17:16:09 ID:qQ/PMS.g No.653  
I like you too, OP.

Filename: 1315278639016.png-(1285335 B, 1024x720, crazy.png)
1285335 B無題 Name: sparky4 2011/09/05(Mon)22:10:39 ID:GUZr.4wo No.644  [Reply]
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/05(Mon)22:42:11 ID:GUZr.4wo No.645  
Filename: 1315280531501.png-(1355577 B, 1024x720, crazyscreenshot_519217.png)
1355577 B
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/05(Mon)22:43:08 ID:GUZr.4wo No.646  
Filename: 1315280588851.png-(1277878 B, 1024x720, crazyscreenshot_526664.png)
1277878 B
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/05(Mon)22:43:56 ID:GUZr.4wo No.647  
Filename: 1315280636877.png-(1213151 B, 1024x720, crazyscreenshot_531746.png)
1213151 B
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/05(Mon)22:46:38 ID:GUZr.4wo No.648  
Filename: 1315280798491.png-(1239644 B, 1024x720, crazyscreenshot_548830.png)
1239644 B
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/06(Tue)07:54:47 ID:Ok5sjA9c No.649  
Filename: 1315313687657.png-(1153656 B, 1024x720, crazyscreenshot_14356538.png)
1153656 B
fuckoing crazy
無題  Name: sparky4 2011/09/06(Tue)07:56:25 ID:Ok5sjA9c No.650  
Filename: 1315313785360.jpg-(117228 B, 629x500, default.jpg)
117228 B

無題 Name: 名無し 2011/09/04(Sun)11:47:26 ID:dGciIp0A No.640  [Reply]
Hey SparkyPoo, it's Sweet, from El-Sauerbraten.

Didn't know you had an imageboard.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(④ ^ヮ^)】⑨◆FCr.DTJy2k◆◆/ODv/gdbGrBJVTTi 2011/09/05(Mon)02:20:54 ID:jqfUhVzE No.643  
i do baka

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