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無題 Name: 名無し 2009/06/21(日)18:12:00 ID:qUScZ4jM No.437  [Reply]

無題 Name: 名無し 2009/06/21(日)18:11:16 ID:SWSMyP5w No.436  [Reply]

無題 Name: 名無し 2009/06/21(日)17:50:38 ID:rtn8ejcQ No.435  [Reply]

無題 Name: Gnac 2009/06/07(日)01:50:51 ID:f0qxdkzc No.426  [Reply]
Could you possibly remove ALL the code you took from Fuukaba Basic and learn how to code things yourself?
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/06/08(月)09:47:58 ID:gGATLh/. No.427  
I am giving credit to the maker if you look at the bottem of the screen there is the link.

This is how I seriously learn how to PHP
Looking at many different scripts and screwing with them.

well that is a challanging task even for me

I do not mean any kind of harm!
I am only 18 and I am just learning PHP

I learned a bit of Javascript and CSS when i was messing with PHP
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/06/08(月)09:54:30 ID:gGATLh/. No.430  
ohh and there is a bug in FUUKABA basic

the cookie reader in Firefox dose not do it right
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/06/08(月)10:29:16 ID:ySzsN/8I No.431  
Can I make a deal with you?

May I keep the fukkaba basic code in yotsubanome
IF I do not redistribute yotsubanome with the Fuukaba code again?

I will only distribute the futaba and siokara script codes
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/06/08(月)10:44:22 ID:ySzsN/8I No.432  
ohh ummm....
Gnac, can I be a part of your project, and help you improve it? So there can be a STABLE futaba script?

Filename: 1238112485671.jpg-(, 0x0)
無題 Name: Lord Pentium◆PG1mP76kIY四葉の芽◇ちゃんねる ##Mod## 2009/03/26(木)18:08:05 ID:On6PTnkc No.428  [Reply]
Sparky? How do I get rid of the Japanese on /up/? A lot of people have been requesting an English translation for the uploader, and well, I'm kind of a popularity whore...
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/06/08(月)09:52:41 ID:gGATLh/. No.429  
I did not translate it into Engrish yet.

無題 Name: zerdzer 09/03/18(水)12:48:12 ID:uYs6/TbE No.370  [Reply]
無題  Name: zerdzer 09/03/18(水)12:49:24 ID:uYs6/TbE No.371  
Filename: 1237348164766.png-(, 0x0)
Hello, hello.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/30(土)15:37:38 ID:KM/UMHvk No.422  

無題 Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/25(月)18:01:39 ID:TnbBsqgs No.420  [Reply]
mysterious ogege
無題  Name: ◆MILKRIBS4k 2009/05/27(水)18:08:00 ID:ooSq5RyE No.421  
ogege??? Also wwwwwwwww at >>420

Filename: 1242364496551.gif-(, 0x0, qqqqqqqqqqqq1242276978880.gif)
13 GET! KEKEKEKE Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 08/11/08(土)12:03 No.13  [Reply]
I am the admin

Edited on: 2009/05/25(月)14:58:15
Re:13 GET! KEKEKE  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/14(木)23:11:22 ID:B23FxHUw No.407  
relativity strange
Re:13 GET! KEKEKE  Name: 名無し 2009/05/15(金)14:40:04 ID:DQUj9b/Y No.409  
sparky4 = god wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Edited on: 2009/05/23(土)01:09:18
Re:13 GET! KEKEKE  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/17(日)20:22:02 ID:2USHeulw No.410  
Filename: 1242621728890.jpg-(, 0x0)
Japanese Anonymous said the same thing too.

Edited on: 2009/05/17(日)23:42:08
Re:13 GET! KEKEKE  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/21(木)00:28:16 ID:PxefSJv2 No.412  
Filename: 1242883696949.jpg-(, 0x0)
I am losing my mind.........

for staying in this crappy part of this world too long.
Re:13 GET! KEKEKE  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/23(土)16:43:55 ID:YDjb52DM No.417  
Filename: 1243115035105.jpg-(, 0x0)

is now the update from futaba.php to yotsubanome.php
log files


which explains the new records.
6 seconds update

Filename: 1242959857650.gif-(, 0x0)
[time] speed recordings-1242959857.65 Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/21(木)19:37:37 ID:STMdYDWc No.413  [Reply]


Edited on: 2009/05/27(水)10:04:25
[time]-1242960442.83  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/21(木)19:47:22 ID:STMdYDWc No.414  
[time]  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/21(木)19:54:55 ID:STMdYDWc No.416  
there is really a l;og

無題 Name: Please wait for your name. 2009/05/09(土)23:32:06 ID:rWOrQ7cg No.399  [Reply]
Source of chan spam found get your lazers ready we know whos been taking down the chans

kthxbye, Boo
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/10(日)00:54:16 ID:397.Wf4U No.404  
Filename: 1241938456354.jpg-(, 0x0)
404 administration id number received

i am the only official mod of yotsubanome channeru

i got a lock down feature in yotsubanome.php that will protect the site from spam
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/10(日)19:10:46 ID:2QovIfLk No.405  
Filename: 1242004246531.jpg-(, 0x0)
this is a pretty fast server
無題  Name: sparky4 2009/05/13(水)12:23:20 ID:hkVTpF/g No.406  
IBM kb-7953

Filename: 1241686874739.jpg-(, 0x0)
無題 Name: Please wait for your name. 2009/05/07(木)03:01:14 ID:B.1g7j3k No.395  [Reply]
Put this on your chan somewhere I have but you up on the homepage :D
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/07(木)18:14:53 ID:/y3lXh6c No.396  
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/09(土)11:24:26 ID:397.Wf4U No.397  
Filename: 1241889866963.jpg-(, 0x0)
testing the speed of a script who is over 6000 lines long
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/09(土)11:24:55 ID:397.Wf4U No.398  
still has some speed!!!!

Filename: 1241179080801.png-(, 0x0)
無題 Name: 名無し 2009/05/01(金)05:58:00 ID:G26eF6WM No.389  [Reply]
Supaki4 mi田

what is 田 ??????????
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/05/02(土)17:01:18 ID:05i.KXKk No.391  
Filename: 1241305278512.jpg-(, 0x0)

Filename: 1231421862190.jpg-(, 0x0)
Server news Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 09/01/08(木)07:37 ID:TGTGKdE2 No.289  [Reply]
Windows me is showing signs of reinstallation required
but SUWIN keeps making errors

i am going to downgrade to my previous motherboard to see if it works there
if not
4 posts and 1 image omitted. Click [Reply] to view.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 09/01/15(木)06:43 ID:1FqCQP/E No.303  

im looking at

so this image board can be more futaba like

Edited on: 2009/06/01(月)15:30:47
  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 09/01/16(金)07:13 ID:.DVhtBWM No.306  
  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 09/01/27(火)16:17:08 ID:rvRWXG8A No.333  
i accidentally crashed the server again >_<\
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/04/17(金)23:50:31 ID:08wzGJPw No.381  
everything is good!!!!
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆vQ0Dl6lVGr+zkVmO34X9djk3yhE= 2009/04/18(土)11:30:41 ID:7Vy42jXY No.382  
testing speed ^^
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆vQ0Dl6lVGr+zkVmO34X9djk3yhE= 2009/04/18(土)11:31:02 ID:7Vy42jXY No.383  
very very fast ^^
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/04/18(土)21:10:33 ID:7Vy42jXY No.384  
Filename: 1240110633600.jpg-(, 0x0)
/q/ may be broken
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+gkuNbhTqAZA= 2009/04/20(月)00:08:41 ID:EhkbLKIk No.385  
Filename: 1240207721550.gif-(, 0x0)

Filename: 1239360088442.png-(, 0x0)
無題 Name: 名無し 2009/04/10(金)04:41:28 ID:4j4TfPJ2 No.378  [Reply]
Hey sparky4, may I ask how old you are?
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W+ 2009/04/15(水)16:19:21 ID:9vFnGJ8E No.379  

Filename: 1234567891234.png-(, 0x0)
4444 Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 2009/04/04(土)21:30:34 ID:V9tYFOM2 No.4444  [Reply]

Filename: 1236840663538.jpg-(, 0x0)
IRC Name: Sudos◆◆◆RxEh4no+DyogjsP 2009/03/12(木)00:51:03 ID:cEOtMGa2 No.361  [Reply]
Yo Sparky! you doing an IRC server/channel too? my bud coded his own IRCd and has it running on a 286. we're looking to get it known a bit more, publicly. link is in the e-mail.
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 2009/03/12(木)23:09:44 ID:aW720pUc No.365  
is that DOS?

ohh snap!

i need to set up an IRC!
無題  Name: 【スパーキー(4 ^ヮ^)】 ミ田◆AZWpeumso.◆◆rsplC0n65b7CH3W 2009/03/12(木)23:23:19 ID:aW720pUc No.367  
lets see what it can do!
無題  Name: 名無し 2009/03/12(木)23:47:44 ID:aW720pUc No.368  

i whould definatly use this

.... but the thing is i do not know a whole lot about DNS server and irc stuff....

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