Board Usage Guide

How to get the most out of this board

This message board is a lot like the ones used at Futaba channel. You can post without using a name. Using an email address makes your name into a mail link in your post. It doesn't make it into a big glaring-blue link, at least not on the front page of the board, but hovering your cursor over someone's name will show if they used an email address. You can put noko in the email feild to be returned back into the thread you replied to. You can put sage in the email feild to prevent thread you replied to from being age or "bumped" bcack into page 0.

Text Markup

First off, there's no need to type out tags for making a simple link to a URL. Just type the web address of the site you want to link to, complete with the "http://" part, i.e. If you want to get fancy about it, you can do it like this: [url][/url], but it's really unnecessary. Doing it like this, though: [url=]Click Me![/url], will show the link as "Click Me!", and the link will go to your site.

You can underline text by putting [u] and [/u] around it.

You can make italics using [i] and [/i] tags the same way.

For bold text, the tags are, you guessed it, [b] and [/b].

You can change text size, too. The tags are [s1] through [s7], with s1 being the smallest, and s7 being the largest. Don't forget to close the tags properly, using [/s1] or [/s7] or whatever.

Using [color=blue] text goes here [/color], you can make blue text. Substitute whatever color you want, all standard HTML colors work. Googling hexadecimal HTML colors comes in handy too, as you can use the hex values: [color=800000] this would be maroon text. [/color].

And in case anyone's reading this who doesn't already know, NO, THE TAGS WON'T SHOW IN YOUR POST, SILLY!

If you're trying to display raw code, like a PHP snippet, and you want it to show up properly, use [pre] and [/pre] tags. This allows you to post pieces of scripts and stuff that aren't normally allowed to be posted by the board's software for security reasons. Using the [pre][/pre] tags allows it to be posted without executing it, as well as displaying it correctly.

You can also scroll text left or right or upwards by using [rt][/rt] tags for right scroll, [lt][/lt] for left scroll, and [up][/up] tags for upward scrolling.

You can make text blink by using [blink][/blink] tags. You can also combine sets of tags to create multiple effects, like large, colored scrolling text. Woo. Some combinations work and some don't, and some only work when used in a certain order. You'll have to experiment to find what works if you want to do really fancy stuff.


To include an image in your post it needs to be hosted somewhere on the internet. You'd do the tags like this: [img] [/img]. Remember to use the full URL to the image.

The board also automagically makes all images linked to with [bigimg][/bigimg] tags display at 300 pixels in width. This is so people can, if they are courteous, keep from wrecking the board with posts full of gigantic images. The resized image links to the original file.


These are just basic icons for use in file links, etc. The board script is set up to present icons like emoticons by typing an underscore followed by the name of the icon followed by another underscore.

~ shows up anywhere you type _dl_ in your post.
~ shows up anywhere you type _file_ in your post.
~ shows up anywhere you type _foruda_ in your post.

~ shows up anywhere you type _unko_ in your post.


You know the noko function that is found in FAGLAND aka 4chan is EXZATcly the same here? also >$no to quote a hole post or >[quote gose here] because >>$no is for the previous thread or just another thread, and not for a reply on the thread.