last changeMon, 28 Nov 2022 00:39:31 +0000 (18:39 -0600)
11 hours ago sparky4re added the graphic books code master
13 hours ago sparky4fixed some file issues poi
3 days ago sparky4forgot to add it to reinitlibs
3 days ago sparky4i forgot this to edit module xD
3 days ago sparky4reference to the bbocg
5 days ago sparky4included reconstructed ck 4-6 source code with patcher
5 days ago sparky4added a simpler mmtest.c
6 days ago sparky4updated a script.... xD
13 days ago sparky4undid undid xD
13 days ago sparky4undid a fix
13 days ago sparky4fixed a typo in wolf3d source code xD
13 days ago sparky416 bit port of wolf3d should be it
13 days ago sparky4added bug fixes to the 8086 port of wolf3d
2022-11-14 sparky4added some files
2022-11-14 sparky4got 8086 port of wolf3d to work and sod to work
2022-11-13 sparky4test of id_CA
11 hours ago master